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KAS’s accounting professionals provide bookkeeping services. It is the optimum solution for sole proprietors and other small businesses. These small business features offer necessary accounting tools while removing additional features that may be unneeded or confusing.

Experienced bookkeepers utilizing our software solutions are much faster than traditional spreadsheets or pen and paper accounting that are generally used during bookkeeping. Simply enter your data once, click your mouse a few times within your accounting reports, and the information for your small business will be automatically organized. But learning about (and mastering) small business software is a substantial obstacle for businesses, which is why we offer reliable services so you don’t have to spend time trying to understand it.

GDPR Compliant

Prepare estimates for customers

GDPR Compliant

Create invoices, then mail or email

GDPR Compliant

Pay bills by check or electronically

Sales, expense, and reporting

GDPR Compliant

Payroll services

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